Wednesday, September 9, 2009

good news...bad news..

good news first....

Finally finished up on some of my new items...WOOHOO!! Thankfully my handsome son has volunteered to help me get the pics uploaded onto the site throughout the week. (he's so helpful) In addition to my new creations, we will also be adding new products and brands, can't wait!

bad news....

Free shipping will end on 30 Sept. due to the cost of packaging material and supplies. I'm very thankful for the sales we generated in August after launching the campaign and I'll do everything to keep the cost as low as possible when it begins on
1 Oct. At this point, I'm still contemplating on what the new set shipping charge will be. I will post it on here before it goes into effect.

Thanks everyone for your continued support and patience but most of all your prayers!

Ge Babbles

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