Friday, September 25, 2009

new chapter....

I've had a very long but fantastic week, just glad it's finally Friday. I was able to get so much accomplished this week although my 2yr old was home with me...she actually cooperated!!
Well, some of you may have already noticed that Babbles N Bibs now has a fan page which I'm super excited about. We've moved our pictures related to the boutique over to the fan page and will continue to add more. This move was done so that I could share more personal comments and pictures on my Ge Babbles page so that people could get to know me as a individual. I hope to add pictures of myself and the family very soon!

I'm super thrilled to say that Babbles N Bibs new Facebook campaign kicked off @8am this morning; can't wait to get some feedback! I'm also equally thrilled and looking forward to the new chapter of my life beginning on Monday....I'm going back to school!!! With that being said, I've decided I will also continue pushing forward in hopes of making Babbles N Bibs a brand name; it's always been my dream. (I'm in it to win it) Surely my hands will be full, but my best work is done while working under pressure. I realize we sometimes we have to begin new chapters in our lives if we're wanting our dreams to come true. Thankfully the man in my Whitney says " treats me like a million dollar bill". His ongoing love & support and the love & strength I get from God is what keeps me going, and for that I know I'm truly blessed. I'm also thankful for my family and friends that continue to show me love and support. Thank you all!!!

The best is yet to come!
Luv Ya,
Ge Babbles

btw my weight loss STILL remains at 36lbs. So, I've decided to get back into my size 6 by X-Mas. If anyone is willing to take the challenge with me, please let me know...I'm starting Monday w/or w/out you gotta drop 20.


Ge Babbles said...

As of today 10/13/09 I've dropped 11 lbs..I'm so dang excited!!

Ge Babbles said...

Today is 10/19/09- I've lost another 4lbs...bringing the total to 15lbs!!