Monday, May 4, 2009

My Personal Challenge

Here's a little something about me you probably didn't know...

This year I've been tackling one of my biggest personal challenges that many other women my age are facing....WEIGHT LOSS!! It's been almost 2 years since Kennadi was born and I hadn't really stuck to a weight loss program since her birth. Although it seems like I've tried every diet program and pill, none have compared to my self- made program.

Since Feb 6th I've lost a total of 26 lbs. I'm feeling healthier than I've felt in 3
years and my energy level is higher than ever. I must admit that in the beginning I went to a weight loss center for diet pills and a shot. I stayed on their program for a month by eating 1000 calories per day( I was so hungry) and exercising 30 mins 3 times a week. I lost a total of 9 lbs with there help. In the first week of April I decided to try my own diet plan and exercise regiment which actually works best for me. Initially I walked 3 miles a day to help my endurance and build my stamina but I now jog 2 miles and walk 1 mile instead (fast paced) each morning before working on Babbles N Bibs ( orders, inventory, website, etc..) daily task. Anyone that knows me also knows I work in my yard once a week... ( I burn more fat calories)

It's been 4 weeks and I've lost 14 lbs my way; Woo Hoo!!!!! I started my weight loss challenge with a goal of losing 40 lbs by June 22nd.( my Bday) With only 14 more lbs to go I will increase it to 45 should be smooth sailing. Stay tuned...I will give you a update in a couple of weeks.

Ge Babbles

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