Thursday, April 30, 2009

We're finally getting over the flu; seems like it lasted forever. I'm thankful it wasn't the swine flu because I would've hated being the first persons in our area diagnosed with it!!! My baby girl is also feeling better now that she's on a antibiotic for tonsillitis and a cough suppressant. She looks like a sleeping little Angel right now lying next to me. I'm so grateful knowing she's going to get a second night of peaceful sleeping; it's been a while since she had a long night of sleep. It breaks my heart when she's sick because she can't yet tell me what's hurting, I always do my best to make her as comfortable as possible until she gets to feeling better. With years of experience with babies, I believe only a mother can make a baby feel relaxed and soothe them when they're sick. Maybe this is a gift from God that women are given at birth.

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