Friday, October 30, 2009

Kids Are Born Innocent, Be Kind To Them Till They Grow

We are all born kids first and then grow into adults; not the other way round? So, when kids are growing and learning in the process, we, elders tend to get irritated at each and everything they do. But, why so? The following are some of those mistakes parents often commit, mostly unknowingly.

Don’t expect miracles from your kids: Though your dad might have earlier behaved in such a manner as to show you that it indeed works, psychologically it’s not accepted because kids don’t feel good. They may oblige but it’s only to satisfy you. Moreover, commands simply don’t work because it means not only too much work load but also he/she may have her/his own version or style of executing the job. This style of parenting only causes more headaches for you. We refuse to understand the simple fact that we were once kids ourselves having gone through the same process of growth.

Why we expect miracles from our siblings when we had earlier gone through a similar process ourselves? This is one of the few mistakes first-time parents unknowingly commit and then regret over it. In order to avoid making such a folly, the following guidelines are drawn for that purpose.

Don’t ever show yourself as a busy parent: Always take time to appreciate your kids as much as you criticize. When you appreciate them repeatedly, even if it is a minor feat, kids will get to know that you are sincerely doing so. That way you can notice them copying you, which is a healthy sign. There are several tips that will make good for parenting but the above guidelines must be followed by parents if they are to see the kind of children they dream.

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